Video of Cat Waking Up Its Owner Aggressively Viral; Netizens Shocked

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Watching animal videos lights up our mood in no time. Whether we are having a bad day or whiling our time away, the pranks and antics pulled off by the furry creatures, bring a smile to our faces. However, a recent viral video of a pet waking up its owner from a deep slumber is something that has left the netizens thinking twice about owning a pet, especially a cat.

Cats are known to be whimsical felines who can both be the sweetest pets purring with affection and also be the most devilish ones, giving a tough time to their owner.

The video was shared on Twitter by an account named Kocheng which uploads hilarious cat clips, showing that these small creatures are not as innocent as they seem.

The short video clip showed a man, lying on his couch, in a deep sleep as his pet cat observed him keenly. What seemed to be a peaceful video changes in an instant as the cat lunges at its owner, slapping him with its paw repeatedly. The action forces the man to wake up with a jerk, seemingly shocked and confused by his pet’s tantrum. It seemed that the feline was successful in waking up its owner.

The viral video grabbed the eyeballs of social media users who were both amused and intimidated by the cat. A Twitter user called the act a pure form of violence.

Another remarked that either the cat was hungry or else the owner was sleeping in the animal’s spot.

The cat was even pointed out to carry hatred in its eyes by a Twitterati who joked that he would be thinking long and hard before deciding to adopt a cat as it might plot the owner’s murder someday.

The video has garnered over 1.5 million views and amassed a whopping 73k likes on Twitter. Some social media users have even spammed the Twitter account’s comment section with other playful cat videos.

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