Video of Dog Turned Into Arcanine Goes Viral on Tiktok

August 3, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

A Tiktok video of a poodle transformed into an Arcanine has gone viral. Earlier this week, Gabriel Feitosa, an internationally famous dog groomer, posted a video of his poodle Edea transformed into an Arcanine via “creative grooming,” a process in which a poodle (or another dog) has their fur dyed using non-toxic products. Feitosa described his pup’s day at the park as “Pokemon Go IRL,” noting that Edea made lots of friends while cosplaying as the popular dog Pokemon. You can check out the video below:


Edea’s day on the park was like #pokemongo irl ! She made a lot of friends including two daughters that were the sweetest girls and very nice to Edea. Hope this shows that creative grooming does not hurt a dog socialization. #doggroomer #standardpoodle #creativegrooming #cutedog #dogpark

♬ Pokémon RBGY – Remix – Toni Leys

Feitosa is famous for his grooming technique and has been featured in multiple news stories and videos for his creative grooming subjects. Based on Feitosa’s social media, Arcanine seems to be a popular look for Edea. He has also groomed pups into Pikachu as well, which seems a little odd given that Pikachu is a mouse. 

Of course, grooming also made its way into the Pokemon franchise with the release of Pokemon X and Y, a pair of games set in a region inspired by France. Not only could players pamper their Pokemon with a wash and brush, they could also change the grooming of Furfrou, a poodle-like Pokemon, to one of several patterns. Pokemon Go introduced Furfrou to the game recently, with various Furfrou grooming designs limited to certain parts of the globe. 

The video also puts to bed once and for all whether Arcanine should be considered a cat or a dog. While Arcanine literally has “canine” in its name, it is often compared to a lion. This year’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus game threw further fuel to the fire when it introduced a version of Growlithe that resembled a Chinese guardian lion, a statue popular in both China and Japan. Watching Edea prance around the park certainly makes it look like Arcanine has come to life and really emphasizes that Arcanine (and Edea) is a very good dog. 

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