Video showing ‘a day in the life of a panda caretaker’ leaves netizens in splits

August 2, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Netizens are often delighted with videos of pandas. The antics of the adorable furballs never fail to trigger laughter online.

One such video has gone viral and netizens cannot stop gushing over the adorable animals. In the video, a panda is seen clinging onto its caretaker from the back while a couple of other pandas are seen playing in the field. The panda refuses to leave the keeper and attaches to his back while he works inside their habitat. As the man walks, other pandas also follow him and continue their shenanigans.

The clip was captioned, “A day in the life of a panda caretaker.” The short clip has amassed more than 7.3 million views on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

Many social media users compared the pandas to toddlers. A user commented, “In my next life, I’d like to be a panda handler, please.” Another user wrote, “Pandas seem like really strong toddlers lol.” A third user remarked, “Moms when we walk in the door carrying mail & groceries after working 10 hours…”

In December last year, a video from a zoo in Beijing showing a giant panda trying to escape its enclosure went viral on social media. The giant panda was captured ‘standing’ on the top of a two-metre-high pillar after climbing the fence but the animal seemed perplexed as visitors continued capturing its video from outside.

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