Viral Twitter & Tiktok Kayes Scandal Videos

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Viral Twitter & Tiktok Kayes Scandal Videos – Kuri007
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TikTok celebrity Kayes is becoming a hot topic for netizens on various social media after a scandalous photo similar to her was widely circulated.

The creator content with more than 5 million followers on TikTok is allegedly photographed naked in a room.

Viral Video Scandal Kayes Twitter Tiktok

Kayes Viral Video Link Wanted on TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, BA ONIC Gives Warning to Spreaders -

Suddenly netizens were made noisy with the emergence of this scandal that Kayes suspected.

From the information gathered, it was found a selfie photo of a woman suspected of being Kayes which looks like the upper half of her body.

In the photo, it is suspected that Kayes looks naked while pointing at the camera.

The half-body selfie is touted as Kayes. Because in the photo, the rooms and necklaces are used. Similar to the post that was uploaded by one of the brand ambassadors of ONIC Esports.

However, Kayes himself has yet to make a response. Upon the circulation of the scandalous photo, he suspected himself.

No doubt, Kayes’s Instagram was then attacked by netizens who were curious about the truth of Kayes’ scandalous photo.

Some Netizen Comments

“It’s going viral, isn’t it, Kayes?” reveal account @alv***

“Waiting for clarification, wkwkwk,” continued the account @hii***.

“Let’s spread wkwkwk,” said @far**** account.

“Kayes has learned to make scandals, right, it’s been spread on the tele, it’s clear the wallpaper in his room,” explained the account @nwuq ***

It is suspected that Kayes’ nude selfies are known to have been circulating on various social media platforms, from Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, to YouTube.***

Kayes Onic’s alleged scandalous video and photo links are circulating on social media.

Netizens on Twitter are busy discussing whether it is true that the woman in the photos and videos is Kayes Onic.

“Are you serious bro kayes?,” asked a Twitter account named @SkuyyLah14, Thursday, August 4, 2022.

“Is that really kayes?,” said @vodzxa.

“Info kayes gaes,” said @Vocadooo__.

“Is that real kayes??,” said @jk_robb.

“Kayes why?,” said @atbcd.

“afanih kayes kayes ingfo sir,” said @SheeshItsMB.

Kayes finally gave. Clarification of the scandalous videos and photos associated with him. He said that the photos and videos were not him

“Hello guys, it’s really busy. Oh my gosh it’s not me guys it’s edited. Don’t be quick to believe guys like that,” said Kayes on his Instagram Story @ewkharis.***

Final word

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