viral video: Man falls from terrace, brother catches him: Viral video

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The CCTV video starts with a young man using a hose to spray water onto a terrace.

Then suddenly, from the edge of the terrace which is hardly in frame, there are signs of someone slipping . Within split seconds the man on the ground drops his hose, looks upwards, and instantly lines up to catch someone falling to the ground. He manages to break the fall before the other person hits the ground. Both get up uninjured.

The incident happened recently in the Malappuram district of Kerala. PTI reported that the two young men in the video are siblings.

The younger brother was cleaning the terrace when he slipped and fell head first. His elder brother was the one on the ground spraying water with the hose. It was sheer instinct: he caught his dear brother before he hit the ground.

Both took a tumble and ended up on the ground – which in the video looks like concrete – in front of the house. Both were uninjured, but badly shaken. The man who fell stood up first. His elder brother who caught him took some time as he took the brunt of the force.

The 33 second video ends with a woman in the house coming out and calmly asking what had happened. The video has gone viral on Twitter, and many TV stations too aired it.

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