Viral video shows skilled chef turning delicacy into a visual treat; Watch

July 31, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

People in India come up with unique skills, be it drawing sketches or cooking different cuisines. Exemplifying the same, a chef has gone viral for his skills in making a South Indian delicacy, ‘appam’ in various shapes. The viral video has been winning the hearts of many online. 

The viral video opens up to show that the chef swirled the pan around in quick movements to produce appams in various shapes, like that of a butterfly, flower, heart, and even a pigeon. As the video progressed, it gave the closer look at how he conjured up the unusual shapes, the camera zoomed in to show him adding the batter to the pan before gently coaxing various forms out of it. The video was shared by business tycoon Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises on Twitter. Sharing the video, he wrote, “When a simple Appam takes an art form”.

‘Making it indeed is an art’ say netizens

The viral appam video has grabbed the attention of many and has accumulated around 37.7K views. The video has also prompted many to express their thoughts. A user wrote, “Making it indeed is an art”. A second user wrote, “Wow brilliant indeed, appam best complimented with coconut stew”. A third user wrote, “This art wins heart”. 

For the unversed, appam is a staple South Indian delicacy of Kerala and some regions of Tamil Nadu. The making of the dish requires a traditional pan, which has a concave surface, unlike the flat tawas that are used to make dosas or rotis. The unique design of the pan allows the batter to flow down to the centre of the pan, making appams thicker in the middle than on the edges. It also means that it is harder to experiment on the curved surface.

(Image: @hvgoenka/Twitter)

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