Viral video: Woman baker fights off armed robber with a cleaning cloth

July 31, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

When you are at the receiving end of an attempted robbery it’s natural if you freeze out of sense of self-preservation. If the robber is armed and you are not, it is not likely that you’d be able to defend yourself and foil the robbery attempt. But this is not true always.

A video of a woman baker fighting off an armed robber with just a cleaning cloth has gone viral. The Turkish bakery is in Netherlands. The video is likely from the CCTV camera installed in the bakery. 

At the start of the video, the lady can be seen minding her own business and doing a little clean-up of the shop. The robber, armed with a knife and wearing a face mask can be seen peeping through the door surreptitiously to ensure the shop is not crowded.

He enters the bakery brandishing the knife and heads straight to the cash register. The woman retreats at first. But as if struck by an angry inpulse, races ahead to tackle the robber. What follows is a fistfight during which the woman rains punches, slaps and some kicks onto the thief who clearly appears to be taken aback by this cleaning cloth counterattack. Deciding its better to let go of the cash than to bear this ferocious onsalught, the robber escapes.

Check out the video



The video has gained nearly 150,000 views and more than 3 thousand likes.

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