Watch Cya Booi Deliver A ‘2022 Rap Up’ In New Sotra Cyphers Exclusive

SPeeKa has dropped the first Sotra Cyphers freestyle of 2022, an exclusive featuring the rapper Cya Booi. In it, Cya Booi delivers a sharp 2022 rap-up in which he reflects and opines on the events of 2022, from the passing of Riky Rick, DJ Sumbody and Magesh and a few others, to Matthew Booth and his cheesecake, Russia attacking Ukraine and many other issues that defined last year.

Cya Booi, who has collaborated with SPeeKa on the EP ‘Between Hip Hop And A Hard Place’, is nice widdit and makes it look easy over a string-laden boom bap instrumental by SPeeKa himself. 

Watch the full episode below: 





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