Watch Nathaniel B Video And Meme Goes Viral On Tiktok As Creator Finally Explains The Meaning

August 2, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

One of the biggest internet riddles has now been resolved. After the line’s originator eventually revealed what it meant, the 2020 popular Nathaniel B meme and video reappeared on TikTok

The author of the popular “Nathaniel B” meme has, at last, explained the significance of his catchphrase. Here is all the information you require.

Nathaniel B Video And Meme Goes Viral On Tiktok As Creator Finally Explains The Meaning

The Video Resurfaces Of “Nathaniel B”

Since its release on July 31st, the 2020 “Nathaniel B” video has amassed 1.5 million views on TikTok, dominating the platform. The video, posted by TikTok user @oscar dozzz, shows a freestyle rap match between members of a high school football team.

In the video, a youngster wearing an orange shirt and a bright headband says: “That s*** was trash. You can’t manage me. Wait for a second, are you Nathaniel B? The student’s “Nathaniel B” comment soon gained notoriety at the time as many people began to speculate about its significance.

Creator Discusses The History Of The Video

On TikTok, the person who came up with the famous remark goes by the name Prince Maj, and they have now addressed the story’s background.

The TikToker said in a video posted on Monday (August 1) that it all happened on a day off from practice between his freshman and sophomore years.

On a fun day planned by their coach, the members of the squad decided to engage in a freestyle rap competition on the field. As Prince Mai wanted to make fun of his music rival by calling him by such a moniker, he claimed that he personally knew Nathaniel B.

Prince Maj revealed in his video that this man’s given name was really that of his younger brother. The TikToker claimed that calling him by his brother’s name would be amusing.

You Can Connect With Prince Maj On Tiktok

18-year-old Prince Maj is a Young rapper, singer, and social media celebrity. On TikTok, he goes under the username @princemaj3.

He now has 11.9k followers on TikTok, but we are confident that number will increase as a result of the viral video. According to Prince Maj, his EP will be made available on all major streaming services this coming Friday, August 5.

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