Watch Viral Video Of Giant Anaconda Crossing Road

August 2, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The video has received many reactions from social media users.

Credit: snake.wild/Instagram

A video of a giant anaconda crossing the road has gone viral on social media!

The video was posted on Instagram, and we can see how an anaconda crosses a busy street with a number of people, as well as vehicles.

It’s amazing how everyone on the road cooperated with this large snake so that it could cross the road without any problems.

We can see from the beginning of the video that the anaconda is tangled on a road divider during which its front portion is on the other side and its rear portion is in the foreground.

A full view of the anaconda appears after the camera pans forward. It is a frightening scene, but also quite interesting.

Pedestrians and drivers are waiting for the snake to cross. The creature then makes its way into a bush by the roadside

The video has received many reactions from social media users. There was a comment made about people’s behavior toward the anaconda.

While other users were stunned to see such a large snake in the middle of a busy street filled with people.

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