Wendy Williams Hits Back At Her Lawyer For Denying Marriage Reports: ‘F**k Him’

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Wendy Williams Hits Back At Her Lawyer For Denying Marriage Reports: ‘F**k Him’ – Kuri007
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Wendy Williams she is a married woman and she wants everyone to know!!

The former talk show host has been causing an uproar online after he said it Hollywood is On on Tuesday that you are married to The NYPD the official named Henry last week. Soon after, his representative, William Selbyclose the marriage talk by telling Page Six:

“That’s not right. He is excited about the new relationship and may have been absorbed in the conversation.”

It’s very rare for a celebrity spokesperson to deny things THEY say, so this whole thing seems very strange. And it just goes on and on…

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On Wednesday morning, a radio DJ got on the phone with him Hollywood is On‘s Jason Lee clearing the air – and now we have more questions!!

In a video posted on the outlet InstagramJason can be seen picking up his phone which clearly indicated it was just after 8am when he chatted with “Wendy Williams.” In the interview, he explained how his lawyer was going around denying his special report and “doing [him] you look crazy.” The 58-year-old suspect then emphasized that:

“No. Everyone seems to have a problem with that. I’m married.”

So, why does his lawyer say he is not?! Wendy didn’t have a straight answer for that. Instead, he asked:

“I’m married! I don’t care who knows. I’m married.”

Good for you, girl! It happened fast as f**k, but love can be like that sometimes, we guess!

More worryingly, however, she had only one guess as to why William was denying reports of his marriage – and it gives us a big break from people in his inner circle amid ongoing health problems. According to him, he doesn’t want her to get married, that’s why he says he didn’t! But the rep’s opinion MUST NOT get in the way of the truth! WTF?!

Wendy ate:

“He will not see that it is useless for me to get married. But you know what? F**k Will. I have known him for 14 years. I always said f**k him… in a good way.”

LOL! What?!

Despite the rare conflict, Wendy has no hard feelings for her team member! He even credits him with the idea to start the podcast, adding out of the blue:

“I didn’t know what a podcast was, you put me on a podcast.”

Listen to the short, but revealing speech (below).


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It’s getting crazy…

Not only did Wendy double down on her marriage claims, but her lawyer AGAIN continued to insist that there is no ring on her finger! Huh?! William spoke to him Us Weekly On Wednesday (before Wendy’s second batch of comments about the wedding came out), it is clear that she is starting to get frustrated with the situation because she says she “can’t control” her client, saying:

“He is single. You need to take [the relationship] every day. I can’t control him.”

Do you “need” to take it day by day OR do you want him to? Very different things! The spokesperson went on to explain that Wendy is (in her opinion, at least) in the “really early stages” of a relationship with the officer – and that USHE wants things to progress a little. That’s not what he says though!! William explained:

“He wants to take things slow and focus more on creating a podcast. Wendy is in a sweet spot in her life where she can stop, breathe and smell the roses. Everyone knows that Wendy has been a horse all her life, and she is looking to get back on a horse.”

But this sounds exactly the opposite of what Wendy said herself! This story doesn’t add up… What do you think is going on here, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF (below)!

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