What The Former Face Of Canale 5 Does Today Explored

August 11, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

what the former face of Canale 5 does today
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He took part in Men and Women, but after the program the former face of Canale 5 has turned his life upside down: his decision is completely unexpected.

Just over a month to go to the new edition of Men and Women: are you ready? The first names on the probable tronists begin to circulate on the internet and with them the first sensational rumors about this year’s news begin to spread. Waiting, however, to find out more, there are those who absolutely cannot help but remember those faces who have taken part in the program in the different editions. The protagonist of our article today is just one of them.

Period exactly the edition of Men and Women 2017/2018 when the very young Nicolò Brigante had the opportunity to sit on the coveted throne of the program to find love with a capital ‘a’. For him, given the immense charm of him, many girls went down, but only two managed to win his heart. We are talking about Virginia Stablum, chosen by him and his girlfriend for a few months, and Marta Pasqualato, his very young and beloved suitor. The path with the latter, although she had all the conditions to give a happy effective to her audience, did not end in the best of …


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