What you need to know about the super star Bennylee

What you need to know about the super star Bennylee

January 3, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja


Hey guys,let’s catch some fun and talk about music entertainment in industry
We all know music is a best friend to our soul and we are aware that to make the connection tight with our soul it depends on the music we hear

That is where this GREAT || TALENTED || DOPE || SPIRITUAL artist BENNYLEE came in
but according to Friends || Google search engine || fans || Family || creativity || consistency, here are the few things we know about the FAST RISING act BENJAMIN OLAMIGOKE popularly known as BENNYLEE

Bennylee forever

still remain TOP ARTIST/BEST ARTIST in ONDO STATE before and after him being the only artist to win big at OSMA’17 AWARD going home with 4 plaques which include ARTIST OF THE YEAR

BENNYLEE of course is unbeatable when it comes to his Lyrical content, only few can decode his lines in terms of punchline, wordplay etc
You can google more about BENNYLEE to get his song and know what we are talking about


Tho last year 2018 many said a lot about this dude for staying off music,some fans asking questions, demanding an answerAccording to some of his lines in is latest single THE RETURN of Bennylee (TROB) He said “They said na money matter I deh face nobody know me as singer”
Lol is that even possible? well download THE RETURN and listen to his reply
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Watch bennylee dope freestyle