‘White Lotus’ Co-Stars On ‘Hottest’ Sex Scene In Season 2

January 13, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

The White Lotus was one of the best TV shows of 2022. It was also one of the horniest. Nearly every character had sex over the course of seven episodes, even if it made them miserable, but who had the “hottest” sex scene? That important question was posted to season two MVP Meghann Fahy (Daphne) and “ginormous” prosthetic dong-haver Theo James (Cameron) during Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

James immediately replied “Jennifer Coolidge” (presumably during the cocaine party, although I also answer most questions with “Jennifer Coolidge”), but when Fahy blurted out “Leo and Tom Hollander,” he changed his answer. “So hot, so glistening,” she said. It’s a weird choice considering… you know… but it makes sense for Fahy: she’s been romantically linked to Leo Woodall, who played trashy-but-charming Essex boy Jack.

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked the actress about the dating rumors. Fahy laughed, sighed, then teased, “I don’t kiss and tell.” Spoken like a true Swiftie.

“The environment was really safe,” actress Beatrice Grannò (Mia) said about filming one of the show’s sex scenes. “Having an intimacy coordinator there was very helpful because it’s a difficult thing to do. We rehearsed it before, and I talked with Sabrina [Impacciatore, who plays Valentina] and we found a way to do it and feel comfortable.”

You can watch more of Fahy and James on Watch What Happens Live below.