Who Is Adedam

May 13, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

WHO IS ADEDAM? Adekunle Damilola Popularly known as Adedam(PR) born May 11 and hails from Ondo state, a b.tech graduate from futa is a Nigeria

1. Media executive 

2. Artist manager

3. Digital music Promoter

4. Artist & Repertoire ( A& R ) 

5. Show & business promoter

6. Content & Creative creator

7. Director

8. Brand manager

9. Music analyst 

10. Strategist etc

He own one of the leading Entertainment TV platform in Nigeria which is known as Makesensegist TV ( MSG TV) with over 10k subscribers on YouTube & over 20k followers on all social media

“Makesensegist TV is an Entertainment platform that Support talents and ensure creative Entertainers are being monetized, televised & appreciated regardless of their financial status or budget”

MSG TV was established in 2019 and it has been a platform for entertainers to step up their game over the years.

AdedamPr method of Branding & Promotion is quite different, AdedamPr is a man of principle who believes in steady growth, he merge his creative thinking with his promotion skills to deliver excellent results, that’s most amazing

A case study of his creative thinking was his birthday May 11 2022 when he decided to drop an EXTENDED PLAY ( EP) which he titled DOPE IN EVERYTHING ( D.I.E ) as he believe and he know for a fact that he’s DOPE IN EVERYTHING that relate to Entertainment business which includes his skills as Artist & brand manager, Show & music promoter, Strategist, Content creator, A&R, not only that, the songs consist of 6 track with the first alphabet of each title representing the letters in his Nick name “A.D.E.D.A.M”

His achievement and contributions to the Entertainment industry is unmeasurable

1. He has Had a successful sold out EP listening party of his Artists & he has also contributed to entertainment shows like MAD UNLEASHED, SLIC CONCERT etc

2. He Made MSG TV accessible for creative entertainers for hangout session, interviews, freestyles & music videos for awareness & visual recognition, the platform also allows them to talk more on their previous projects and coming one 

3. Made Freestyles & music video shoot for upcoming entertainers easily accessible at much lesser price

4.As an analyst & strategist, AdedamPr help artist review their songs to ensure it meet up to the standard of global music market

5. His Media contributions to the growth of Ondo state entertainment industry and Nigeria at large is noticeable

His Promotion pattern and how he execute his clients project worth something to write book about, From coming out with a promotional plan which includes

1. Knowing the Aim of a project

2. Understanding the project

3. Creating a Content strategy that fits

3. Knowing The target audience

4. Setting up people of interest to avoid unfruitful random promotion

5. Promoting via campaign ads, Emailing, teamwork and lots more

He created what he called PROJECT ARCHIVE PAGE on Instagram where you get to see the transparency and loyalty in his work, the process and execution, kindly follow this link Click to Visit Project Archive

Indeed, Adedam is a big brand