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Why you must attend BennyLee Live(BLI), first Ondo state biggest concert 2019

January 6, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja

Ondo state artists are gradually making waves in the entertainment industry today no doubt as we have consistent artists and with OSMA (ONDO STATE MUSIC AWARDS) support things are really making sense for them

BennyLee Live, man for the people

This makes it easy for the best artist of all time BENNYLEE to always have dope and sold out concerts,I mean we all witnessed OMO MAMA ELEJA listening party!!
Now the biggest concert is around the corner again by the main Man BENNYLEE and here are the reasons you must attend the show coming up February 23

1 You Should attend Bennylee Live Concert #BL19 because This Is one Of The Best music concert that will happen in Ondo State
2 This Concert will be the first music concert in Ondo State this Year 2019 so all hands on deck to see it come to huge success
3 This Concert Will Attended by lots of Ballers and Moneylords
4.There will be a lot of Giveaways I mean na BennyLee deh do show oo
4 The Likes Of Superwozzy Tobi Smallz (Tpops) Lekelee Leopard igbalodePr Kareemberry Scripts DTL and more will be Attending and you know what that means
5 You have to Attend this Concert to witness Better Better Things.