Will NBA 2K23 have a demo? Release date leak appears fake

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Lots of people are hopeful that NBA 2K23 will have a free demo to download but an alleged release date leak has been dubbed fake by fans in the community.

The newest instalment in the long-running basketball series is set to come out next month. It is available to pre-order right now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and it is a celebration of one of the greatest players of all time with the returning Michael Jordan challenge.

While lots of news will be revealed in the near future including player ratings and career mode overviews, fans are hopeful that preludes will make a comeback.

NBA 2K23 | First Look Trailer



NBA 2K23 | First Look Trailer






Is there a NBA 2K23 demo?

A NBA 2K23 demo is not available and Visual Concepts hasn’t announced one is coming.

The series used to have playable samples, but the tradition stopped with 2K22. This was confirmed by 2K Intel in July 2021 two months before the game’s release in September.

As for why there was no free sample for last year’s instalment, it’s said that the developers wanted to focus on ‘creating fully-functional games of this generation and previous generations’.

Visual Concepts hasn’t announced a playable sample for this year. However, 2K Intel also hasn’t leaked whether a demo is returning or not.

We will update this article if confirmation or another leak emerges. Check out the game’s FAQ for more information regarding dual-gen entitlement and other aspects.

Leaked release date

An alleged NBA 2K23 demo leak claims that the release date is August 23rd, but this has been dubbed fake by fans in the community.

The apparent leak was shared by YouTuber LxckTV on Twitter. It appears to show a post from the game’s official Instagram account while claiming the post was quickly deleted.

LxckTV has said that it is fake and replies say that it is obvious photoshop. In addition, the day would make no sense as the release date for NBA 2K23 is September 9th and demos in the past came out only one-to-two weeks before release.

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