Windows Update: Safeguard Hold For Potential Problems Only For Businesses, Says Microsoft

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Windows Update: Safeguard Hold For Potential Problems Only For Businesses, Says Microsoft – Viral.Spot72
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We all know that Windows Update can lead to problems on target devices during installation or after. Updates in the past have caused all kinds of problems, from startup problems with lost data to broken functionality.

Microsoft Windows Protection Is In Charge
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When Microsoft releases updates for a new feature of Windows, it uses Machine Learning and a feature called Safeguard that is in charge of reducing the chances of a disaster.

Feature updates are distributed in waves through Windows Updates, but these waves are not randomly selected. The first wave hits devices that are considered vulnerable to update issues. Microsoft uses Machine Learning to select these devices.

All Windows machines benefit from Safeguard holds. These updates are limited to devices with known problems. Known issues are confirmed by Microsoft engineers. Devices with similar problems are blocked from receiving updates; this is one of the reasons why updates are given to some devices and not others.

Possible problems are different in several aspects. Microsoft describes the issue as potentially unconfirmed issues that its machine learning service has identified in the millions of unmanaged home and business devices it scans through dial-up.

These indicators of problems can be a rollback during the update, a malfunctioning application or driver, graphics, sound or connection problems, or other types of problems that appeared in large numbers after the update was installed.

Unlike known issues, which lead to the blocking of updates on all unmanaged Windows devices, potential issues are restricted only to business customers. Specifically, this feature is only available to “organizations with Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 or higher, including educational variants” according to Microsoft.

Machine learning identifies the devices that will be affected by potential problems in order to prevent the problem from being encountered by these devices. The securities that may be issued vary depending on Microsoft; they give regulators time to “make an informed decision about how to proceed with the review”.

Almost confirmed stories become known stories. Safeguard catches known vulnerabilities affecting all unmanaged Windows devices, meaning home users benefit as well. Potential problems may be viewed as unrealistic or limited in nature. Safeguard holds are then removed from affected devices.

Learn more about SafeGuard Holds on the Microsoft Tech Community website.

Closing Remarks

Microsoft doesn’t say why it’s limiting Safeguard’s potential problem to business customers. Home users can also benefit from updates being blocked if their devices are identified as having potential problems. In fact, one could argue that Microsoft is putting these devices at risk now by blocking updates.

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Windows Update: Safeguard Hold For Potential Problems Only For Businesses, Says Microsoft

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Windows Update: Safeguard Hold for potential problems only for businesses, says Microsoft


Microsoft uses Safeguard Holds to block Windows updates on machines that may be affected by confirmed or potential issues.

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