Wizkid Makes The Weakest Of Comebacks || Ghetto Love Review

September 13, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja

Olabimpe – Has Wizkid really lost his touch? What exactly went wrong? Could this be his first bad song? Wizkid actually owes me an explanation for I am in a state of wonderment. After listening to the 3-minute track, these were the questions floating in my head.

Ghetto Love no doubt is a great bop with a sick beat but not what I expected after being starved for almost a year. The concept of the title, artwork, lyrics and the video are just all shades of wrong. Everything was done in the manner in which a toddler would mess up a room.

Starting with the title which is catchy and quite unique, I felt it would be an inspirational anthem for the streets but it turned out to be the regular kind of music lovers love to consume – professing love for women. The artwork which is a captivating picture of a young lad listening to music with a walkerman played a major role in convincing that the song was going to have rich and deep lyrics.

The lyrics and the video do not even match and that’s really confusing. The “Fever” singer goes on declaring his love for different women recycling lyrics from his other songs. The only sensible part was where he sang about his mother. The video which helped in creating further disorientation, tells the touching story of how little Wizkid fell in love with music and also about his transition to fame and fortune.

Looking at the brighter side of things, this song would get crazy airplay because of the criticism it has gathered. Just like “Manya” which was also considered thrash at the time of its release still turned out to be successful. “Ghetto Love” is not entirely that bad and has elements that only Wizkid can infuse into a track but it’s certainly not what was anticipated. It lacked the “Ghetto” feel the title portrayed.

Ratings – 3/5

@85onevery – The producer of this song, Killertunes deserves all the accolades, Wizkid only put in a little effort. The song will definitely hit, but it sounds like something freestyled. Nothing special really, but it has alot of catchy phrases. The Video to me definitely doesn’t fit in on the direction of the song. Sounds like a regular jam, something to expect anytime u hear shabalistical, but hey! its Wizkid so we just have to jam to it.
Ratings – 2.7/5
@Hallevieze –   Wizkid’s new song , “Ghetto Love” is definitely going to be a hit song because Wizkid tried to make sure he doesn’t disappoint his fans but couldn’t be fruitful in that regard. As one of the best artists in Nigeria, i expected a lot from “Ghetto Love” after so much hype from Wizkid and the changes he made for the release of the song. The song is like a repetition of Wizkid’s songs, same sound, nothing different at all. But all accolades has to go to the producer, killertunes for killing it. The producer put in all efforts to make sure the song comes out perfect. But all in all, the visuals of the song is credibly perfect, the young boy who acted as “young Wizkid” deserves every accolades because he portrayed a perfect story of what Wizkid was trying to put out there.