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August 2, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘DJ Suneel’ video that went viral online was recently reshared by YouTube.  

Indian weddings are grand and incomplete without ‘baratis’ dancing to local bands’ oh-so-danceable tracks. And a video of Yashraj Mukhate playing the tunes that we often hear at Indian weddings has taken the Internet by storm. The viral video has left netizens stunned, dancing and laughing. It may have the same effect on you and may even prompt you to watch it on loop.

“DJ Suneel in da haauz,” Yashraj Mukhate wrote while sharing the video. He added in the comments that DJ Suneel is the brother of DJ Aneel and that they both use FL studio. The video opens with Yashraj Mukhate saying, “Somehow all the local band party DJ players have only one beat which is… (dances on the beat), and one bass line which is… (plays it on casio keyboard), and one very bad sound which they use from their casio keyboard… (plays it on casino keyboard again).” He then uses them all to create a mix that matches the one we all have heard at least once at Indian weddings.

The viral video was reshared by YouTube two days ago on their Instagram page. “BRB booking DJ Suneel for my wedding,” they wrote while sharing the video.

Watch the funny video below:

The video was shared a few days ago and has since garnered more than 5.2 million views. The clip has also amassed over 4.7 lakh likes. The video post has also prompted people to share their thoughts in the comments section.

The post even earned a comment from Dipraj Jadhav, who asked Yashraj Mukhate to send the full track. He wrote, “Full track send kar (Send full track).” “EPICCCC,” posted mimicry artist Chandni. “I’d love me some DJ Suneel (bhai),” expressed digital creator Ruhee Dosani. “I can dance to these tunes whole day n still wouldn’t get bored,” shared an individual. “I’ve seen this so many times already,” commented another. “The fact that this is so on point is historical to me,” wrote a third.

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